The Tempting Pop Ways of Tender Trap

9 Aug

The Tender Trap the movie – was a classic comedy film starring Frank Sinatra and Debbie Reynolds that came out in 1955. Not so sure if the film was an inspiration for Tender Trap – the band, but the indiepop’s new 3rd album Dansette Dansette has become summertime fun in the hallways of SVB’s offices. In the world of “twee-pop” Tender Trap’s Amelia Fletcher is an elder stateswoman, having worked in legendary bands like Talulah Gosh & Heavenly and on their first album in four years Tender Trap have delivered an infectious collection of ten songs that bring to mind the pop-ly past of Leslie Gore, The Chiffons, The Primitives & The Go-Go’s.

Download: Fireworks – Tender Trap
Download: Boyfriend – Tender Trap


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