27 Jul

The fabulously talented Lissie is releasing her debut album Catching A Tiger on Fat Possum Records on August 18th. In November of last year the Rock Island singer-songwriter released her wonderful debut EP Why You Runnin’, a five song collection bordering on Americana rock and blues that hinted the potential of a grander sound due to the fact that her voice is so remarkably rapturous and confident. Who would have though that her debut full length would more than deliver on what one expects from a new singer-songwriter who doesn’t necessarily sound like every other Lilith wannabe or Lady Gaga (no offense, Lady).

Lissie’s debut more than rocks it up and while the delicacy and charm of her EP does show up on the record, it’s the big songs that set the tone and take complete control of your senses. This is one helluva of an album filled with big hooks, just-slick-enough production and of course, Lissie’s voice that’s big and bold. Seriously, there are times during the record when she just belts it out Stevie Nicks style on songs like “When I’m Alone” and “In Sleep” and she manages tender and emotional Dusty Springfield-esque moments on the previously released on-the-EP songs like “Little Lovin,” and the anthemic “Oh Mississippi.”

Stellar stuff. Bravo, bravo.

Download: Bully – Lissie

Check out Lissie on World Cafe w/ David Dye

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