Philly’s Grandchildren sign to famous rich man’s son’s indiehipster label

9 Jul

Philly’s incredible Grandchildren have inked a deal with the faux-wannabe-indiehipster label Green Owl, owned by Ben Bronfman. Bronfman, whose dad is the legendary multi-gajillionaire Edgar Bronfman, – and who also happens to be Mr. M.I.A. – started the “world’s first green label” with “the artist” and “the environment” in mind. The band’s debut album (highly anticipated in these quarters) Cold Warrior is due in September. Great these guys signed to a label – at least they didn’t sign with that other green wannabe hipster-lifestyle soda fountain label. And while we all know it’s all about the benjamins, it’s really all about the music. And Grandchildren got it going on. To the break-a-dawn.

And if you’re not familiar with the band’s art-funk-indierock orchestral experience here’s a recent video.


One Response to “Philly’s Grandchildren sign to famous rich man’s son’s indiehipster label”

  1. Mark July 9, 2010 at 9:03 pm #

    Congrats to them! Yeah, this label is sorta suspect, but at least it’s well bankrolled…

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