Crash Avenue vs Guerilla Vs Bear (sort of)

3 Jul

The music lovers over at Crash Avenue down there in Louvulle Kentucky have just released their first comp of cool music that you need to hear. Of course, its sports a new jam from Philly’s new hotness Creepoid so I am already a little biased. Check out the tracklisting below and give it all a whirl (and don’t miss the evil rock of Chicago’s Apteka). Nuff said.

Panda Riot – “Northern Automatic Music”::: Soaring Dream Pop – Chicago [exclusive track]
Secret Colours – “Redemption”::: Dusty Psych Rock – Chicago
Whirl – “Leave”::: Shoegaze – Emeryville, CA
Superdrag – “Live and Breathe (John Davis Demo)”::: Flawless Power Pop – Knoxville [exclusive track]
Creepoid – “Grave Blanket”::: Experimental Kitchen Sink Folk – Philadelphia
Soft Crest – “Perfect Sound”::: Grainy Dream Pop – NoCal
Fjord Rowboat – “Even You Out”::: Post Punk/Anthemic Rock – Toronto
Stripmall Architecture – “Pripyat (Mascara Palin Remix)”::: Brain Burning Electro Pop – San Francisco [exclusive track]
Sugar Army – “It’s in the Blood”::: Good Ole RnR – Perth
Apteka – “Traitors”::: Evil Epic Rock – Chicago


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