The Return of Unrest

1 Jul

Call me a history riddled indieboomer from the golden age of indie-rock, but few indieblipster bands of the now generation won’t ever hold a candle to Unrest, a band I saw probably a few less times than The Boss and The Clash and Radiohead over the years. And I saw them a lot. The DC band started in the mid-80’s under Mark Robinson’s sound and vision. Robinson founded the influential Teenbeat Records and the band had a significant influence on DC bands and national bands alike. Records like Imperial F.F.R.R. and Perfect Teeth (produced by Simon LeBon of Duran Duran) rocked a lot of people’s worlds back then and these records sound as good today as they did when they came out back in the day.

The band are back for a 26th anniversary tour along with members Bridget Cross & Phil Krauth and play Johnny Brenda’s Tuesday July 6th for what could be the last time you can experience their brilliance.

Download: Cherry Cherry – Unrest

Bonus Beat:
After Unrest broke up Cross and Robinson formed Air Miami.
Download: Airplane Rider – Air Miami

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