Sonny (& The Sunsets) Smith signs on the line w/ Fat Possum

17 Jun

Much terrific brouhaha has been written in the museblogsphere about Sonny Smith’s band Sonny & The Sunsets.

In 2007, he formed Smith formed the with help from friends Shayde Sartin & Tim Cohen (of the Fresh & Onlys), Tahlia Harbour (of Citay and The Dry Spells), Ryan Browne and Kelley Stoltz (Sub Pop) among others. Together the band recorded the charming Tomorrow is Alright, all captured on a classic 1970’s 388 Tascam tape recorder. With a dash of Modern Lovers, some slappy folky doo-wop, 50’s infused Velvet Underground jams and and boatloads of charm and endearment, Sonny & the band have managed to gain a loyal following of dizzying passionate fans. You could become one, too.

Today it was announced that the Sonny’s album is being released by the nice people at Fat Possum on August 31st. The album was originally released in November 2009 (have you been sleeping that long?) on Soft Abuse and now is seeing even greater light of day.

Download: Too Young To Burn – Sonny


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