The retro stylings of Tame Impala haven’t sounded this good since….

16 Jun

On first listen (and even more so on the second and third) I’ve become completely undeniably hooked and in love with the retro-psychedelia groove sounds of Australia’s Tame Impala. Their debut album, Innerspeaker does speak to the inner headphones of one’s psychedelic soul. Maybe this was what The Chamber Brothers meant when they said “My soul’s been psychedelicized” in their now classic Time Has Come Today. Most trippy indie-hipsters who were barely a concept during the Golden Age of Psychedelia wish they could make an album this good, a debut album that -word has it- was well worth the wait. The band are currently on tour with MGMT, stirring up quite a delicious buzz.

There’s a bit of a Lennon-twist to frontman’s Kevin Parker’s drawl with touches of Nazz, Cream’s bluesy & soulful psychedelia and some momentary Oughtistic style raving energy drawn from the baggy pants daze of Madchester (but that’s just the grooves talking). The band show some serious analogue dexterity, with dazzling effects, some fresh sounding guitar playing, fascinating rhythms and dreamy songwriting that takes you just to the edge of tomorrow and taunts you to stay out there before bringing you back at the end of each delicious song. Believe the hype.

Tame Impala


2 Responses to “The retro stylings of Tame Impala haven’t sounded this good since….”

  1. HappyParts June 16, 2010 at 3:36 am #

    got to love phaser pedals, homie.
    Vampire Graceland fans might be
    ready for the gateway drug – Psych!

  2. geil layand September 24, 2010 at 8:59 am #

    Totally agree – not sure if its them band or the producer, but as a bass player Alter Ego is just the most out-there bit of bass playing I’ve ever heard – no-one has ever heard anything like it!!

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