Cowboy Junkies

2 Jun

Time has proven that the Cowboy Junkies have staying power going back to their late 80’s recordings including their now classic The Trinity Session and continuing with milestone releases including 1992’s Black Eyed Man & Miles From Our Home released in 1998.

The band have a new album out which they are currently on tour with and will be playing at WXPN’s XPoNential Music Festival on July 16-18, with a lineup that include’s Free Energy, Dawes, Yo La Tengo, Felice Brothers, Alejandro Escovedo, Dr. Dog, Rosanne Cash, Grace Potter, The Walkmen, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, Big Head Todd & The Monsters, Robert Randolph, Nicole Atkins, Fool’s Gold, The Holmes Brothers, Joshua James, These United States, Bobby Long, Earl Greyhound, Robert Francis and plenty of others!

Here’s the background on the new album Junkies’ album – Renmin Park, Volume 1 written by Michael Timmins:

“In late 2008, my family and I were given an opportunity to spend three months in China. We were boarded at an elementary/middle school in the small town of Jingjiang situated on the Yangtze River, about two hours from Shanghai. My wife taught English at the school, my three young kids attended a few classes and I spent my days exploring. We also did as much travelling as my wife’s schedule would allow. On one massively intense trip we journeyed to the birth villages of each of my daughters (two of my three children were adopted from China). But, mostly, we inserted ourselves into the day to day life of Jingjiang.

When I say that Jingjiang is a small town I mean that in relative terms. Its official population is 650,000, but its real population is closer to 1,000,000: a mere speck on the Chinese demographic landscape. We were welcomed with open arms by anyone in the town who could put three English words together. Homes were open to us, we were feted at every possible occasion and in every possible style, we created friendships that are only possible under such intense and foreign conditions and had adventures that have already become part of our family lore. It was a storybook experience, overwhelming to say the least, perhaps even life altering for my daughters.

Renmin Park is a reflection of that adventure. It’s a fictional love story about two people whose two worlds will forever keep them apart. It’s a thank-you letter to an obscure city and the people who opened up their lives to five very strange strangers. It’s a personal document about a bewilderingly complex culture that is, once again, experiencing a massive upheaval. It’s another chapter in a band’s ongoing twenty-five year journey.”

Download this: Stranger Here – Cowboy Junkies


One Response to “Cowboy Junkies”

  1. Swapmeet Louie June 4, 2010 at 11:09 pm #

    Outrageous! I’ve been a fan of the Junkies since Trinity Sessions… I must say that I’m excited about this new album. Thanks for the sample and for spreading the word!

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