Doug Burr

15 May

Denton, Texas singer-songwriter Doug Burr is bringing new ideas to the “tradition” of the singer-songwriter. Like Tweedy, Ray LaMontagne, Jim James, Conor, Bon Iver, Josh Ritter and The Low Anthem’s Ben Knox Miller, Burr may draw on the past yet he commands a compelling present day troubadour stance. On his new album O Ye Devastator (co-released with Spune and Velvet Blue Music), Burr has released an exceptional collection of songs.

Descriptions like “deliberate,” “sweeping” and “introspective” have been used to describe Burr’s songs. But while these same words can be used to describe a many fill-in-the-blank singer-songwriters Burr stands out with a unique sound and musical identity. And on his album, Burr balances slow burning, rootsy and pastoral songs and some rockers with great attention to emotional and musical detail. Fans of Neil Young’s Harvest are likely to dig this new album from Burr.

Red Red – Doug Burr


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