There are 8 million bands in the city of deals – Foreign Born is just one of them

2 Apr
Okay, so I know there’s like no shortage of crazy great bands in LA (or sort of nearby) just waiting to be discovered. Last week, Local Natives grabbed my attention (and they should grab yours, too). This week its LA-rockists Foreign Born whose Person To Person is setting sail in June on the SS Secretly Canadian. The band – Lewis Pesacov, Matt Popieluch, Garrett Ray and Ariel Rechtshaid – are a percussive lot, making rhythm out of melody and melody out of rhythm. Their impressive new album mines Soweto styled guitars, Stone Roses like rhythms, Television-esque musical constructs and Heroes Are Hard To Find era- Fleetwood Mac. And please, enough with the fucking Arcade Fire comparisons already. Go listen to some music that was released before three years ago, okay?!?!?!?!

Check out this convincing new song from FB’s forthcoming release:
Vacationing People – Foreign Born

Check out the FB side-project Fool’s Gold

Here’s a song from their 2007 Dim Mak release.
Union Hall – Foreign Born

And isn’t it strangely poetic that my two new favorite bands from LA are called Foreign Born and Local Natives? I mean, is this a joke or something?


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