Dan Zimmerman

1 Mar
The fine folks at Sounds Familyre have done it again and are about to release a new album from Dan Zimmerman, singer, songwriter, artist, renaissance man. According to his bio, he’s “a Methodist preacher’s kid turned ‘60s art-school van-gypsy married by a swami, turned Northwestern mountain-man singing at lunch-hour for fellow workers at a tree-packing plant.” Time, life experience, seasoned spirituality and probably a few too many drugs somewhere down the line have fueled Zimmerman’s art and music along the way. Like Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen, & Johnny Cash, Zimmerman’s music taps in to a primal understanding of life’s rich pageant.

His new album Cosmic Patriot is out on April 21. Here’s a song from the album accompanied by an illustration and explanation about the song.

“I believe in a world where the wind can penetrate your skin, where everything you see and feel is the harbinger of another world. I believe in a world where mystery is allowed to be the third person in a conversation.

I would like someday to walk down a road lined with trees and not feel my head flip back and forth. I would like to walk straight ahead, in a world where all things converge, suffused with meaning, rather than break apart.”

Symbols In This World – Dan Zimmerman

And here’s another song from the album.

Everyday In My Heart – Dan Zimmerman

Dan’s myspace


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