Pronouced Balm-or-ay

20 Feb
If you dig Explosions In The Sky and Tortoise chances are you’ll settle in for the long haul with Balmorhea. Their new album All Is Wild, All Is Silent is out March 10th on Western Vinyl, the same fine folks who have brought you music from Here We Go Magic!, J. Tillman and Dirty Projectors. The Austin six piece have created an absolutely gorgeous collection of songs on their record; songs that are as jubilant as they are haunting. Get lost in the cover of their latest album and let your imagination roam as you take in the sweeping beauty of this record.

The band, named for a town and a state park in Texas, subscribe to the “quiet is the new loud” brand of instrumental rock with piano, occasional banjo, classical strings, acoustic & electric guitars and drums. Heading to SXSW? Be sure to check out their showcase.

Something new:
Harm & Boon – Balmorhea

Something old:
San Solomon – Balmorhea


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