Afternoons Delight

18 Feb
Music lovers, keep your eyes and ears open for Afternoons a 7 piece band from LA whose indie-symphonic rock will lift your spirits like P-Spree, Arcade Fire. T-Rex, Traveling Wilburys and Electric Light Orchestra. They’re rising to the top of my bands I must see at SXSW and you should mark your calendars to attend.

The band has been together for a couple of years and includes opera singer Claire McKeown, Aaron Burrows, Brent Turner, Brian Canning, Sam Johnson, Steven Scott and record producer/engineer Tom Biller (Kanye West, Brad Mehldau, Rhett Miller and lots of work with Jon Brion). Alex Church (Sea Wolf) is an alum of the band.
File under: Uplifting and engaging and oh so optimistic!

They’ve got an incredibe little spiritual called “Say Yes” (via Too Much Happiness) that I guarantee you will spend the rest of the day listening to.

Say Yes – Afternoons

Read More about Afternoons here

Must watch!


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