A Treasure Trove Of Soul, Etc. Etc. Etc.

15 Feb
It never ceases to amaze me how much music there is in the world.

While I was digging through the digital crates recently I came across Now Again Records, a record collectors’ paradise and a subsidiary of Stones Throw Records. Here you’ll find some amazing reissues (and some new releases) that span the psychedelic-funk-soul-R&B continuum from the four corners of the world; some of these records – now out of print – are going for serious $$ by DJ’s near and far. Much of the reissue stuff is available to buy from the Stones Throw store and I gotta tell you, if you’re in to this kind of stuff, it’s one stop shopping and groovin’. Lo and behold, I’ve bought a few of their compilations before yet never paid close attention to the label. Now Again was started by Egon, the GM of Stones Throw Records. He and Peanut Butter Wolf co-founded Soul-Cal Records in 2003.
Heavy is as heavy does. Go forth and be funked.

Gilgamis – Apaslar (Turkish psychedelic rock circa 1969)

Get Ready – He 6 (You thought Rare Earth’s cover of “Get Ready” was hot?! Check out this Korean psychedelic soul take on the song circa 1971)
More on He6

Musical Silt – Hailu Mergia and The Band Wallias (heavy Ethiopian funk/soul instrumental
More on the Walias Band

Give It Up – Rabbits and Carrots (Mexican funk cover of JB’s “Give It Up”)
More on Rabbits and Carrots

Gbe Mi Lo – Ofege (West African psychedelic funk)
More on Ofege

More hotness to rock your next party:
Country Fried Chicken – Bubbha Thomas & The Lightman
Can I Help You – Amnesty
Free Your Mind – Amnesty
The Cissy’s Thang – The Soul Seven
The Thing – Carleen & The Groovers
Hum-Bug (Pt.1) – Diplomats
Broasted Or Fried – Willie Bobo
Popcorn ’69 – Billy Ball & The Upsetters
Don’t Go – The Aristocrats Organization

Now Again myspace
Check out NPR Music’s Funk Archaelogy Series curated by Egon


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