Missing Palmer West

11 Feb
The first time I heard the name Missing Palmer West I was half expecting them to sound like Danny Wilson or Deacon Blue (two fave’s of mine from the 80’s). But no; instead of the shiny 80’s lite Brit-pop, MPW sound more like bands with altruistic classic tendencies we love like The Fab Four (more on the solo side of Paul, George and John), ELO, Tumbleweed-era Elton John, Wilco, The Left Banke, Rundgren’s Something/Anything, and Elvis’s King Of America.

Hailing from West Chester, PA – close enough to Philly to call a Philly band – Missing Palmer West are all good things warm and welcoming in a sophisticated sometimes artsy pop way with touches of anthemic orchestrated melodies. This new EP is hot. Expertly mixed by boy wonder Brian McTear and sung beautifully by pianist Ben Smith, you can call it orch-pop, baroque-pop or whatever; they’ve come up with something special.

God Knows I’m No Saint Paul – Missing Palmer West

Buy Shoveling Smoke

MPW’s myspace

Here’s the video for “God Knows I’m No Saint Paul”

God Knows I’m No St. Paul from Ben Smith on Vimeo.


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