From Philly: East Hundred

28 Jan
Philly’s East Hundred include brothers Will and Brooke Blair, David Sunderland on bass, Susan Gager on keyboards and lead singer Beril Guceri, who – to put it simply – is a star. Their story goes something like this: Brothers start a band. Brooke then asks his then girlfriend Beril to sing. They add a couple more members. Then it gets really dramatic and Brooke and Beril break up….they decide to keep the band together and the music making going despite the heartache. And their debut album Passenger (much of which was produced and mixed by Brian McTear along with the band) reflects the pain and tension of the split.

Beril sounds a bit like that woman who sings in the Cardigans but mostly she reminds me of Miki Berenyi from Lush; melancholic, melodic, confident & bold. Overall, the entire album is terrific – well produced with a great guitar sound and a rhythm section that knows when to push and when to pull back. High Five East Hundred!!!!

Slow Burning Crimes – East Hundred


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