The band that history forgot

9 Jan
On heavy rotation over here at SVB is this album from The BPA called I Think We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat. The record’s a heap of fun, has some really good tunes featuring Emmy The Great, Martha Wainwright, Justin Robertson, that cool jam from David Byrne and Dizzee Rascal & of course, Iggy Pop.

And speaking of Iggy’s song, “He’s Frank,” when I first heard it I said to myself, “this sounds sort of familiar – where have I heard this before.” And then I remembered it was originally done by The Monochrome Set back in the golden era of new wave (they reformed for a bit in the 90’s). I had a mild infatuation with the band starting with “He’s Frank” their first single which was on Rough Trade Records.

The appearance of Iggy’s cover of “He’s Frank” had led to some good reading in The Guardian about the band. Check out The Monochrome Set – Remembering The Band That History Forgot. Iggy and The BPA give the song a slightly funkier Fatboy Slim vibe to the original version, which was a rough edged punky pop song that in some ways give way to the sounds of The Wedding Present and The Smiths.

So, compare the two versions, read the article, then go out and buy a Monochrome Set collection and get into what you may have missed.

He’s Frank – Iggy Pop

He’s Frank (Slight Return) – The Monochrome Set


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