Animal Collective’s Merriweather Post Pavilion

4 Jan
It’s very likely that critics, reviewers, etc. will reference The Beach Boys when discussing the new Animal Collective album Merriweather Post Pavilion. AC’s new album arrives first in double gatefold vinyl this coming Tuesday, January 6 and digitally and on CD on January 20th. Anticipation for the album is at a fever pitch. I’m waiting for someone to call it Animal Collective’s Pet Sounds; which in analysis, could be the case. There’s plenty on the new album to build that case; the shimmering harmonies, the playful melodies, the studio nuances that blissfully drift towards psychedelia in a traditionalist pop song form.

The music on Merriweather sounds like nothing else out there on the rock landscape. The sound created by AC is gleefully vibrant and colorful and fantastic with keyboards that flourish & cascade; sounds of carousels on acid meet tribal rhythms and layered harmonies with melodies that unfold like tangerines and the sweetest cherries you’ve ever eaten. Mojo Magazine nails the song “My Girls,” calling it “Philip Glass’s Koyanisqatsi turned up to 11.” On the song “Guys Eyes,” AC dip into XTC’s trick bag of Oranges and Lemons’ “King For A Day,” a fantastic psych-pop tune while “Summertime Clothes” is filled with dizzying worldly rhythms and a singalong melody that recalls Paul Simon’s “Born At The Right Time.” “Daily Routine” is a distant cousin to Yes’s “Going For The One.” The album’s opener “In The Flowers” is something I imagine Todd Rundgren would create if he was an indierocker recording Something/Anything today, while the album’s closer “Brother Sport” is the album’s most musically acrobatic and childlike; about two minutes in the singalong dissolves in to some crazy galloping dense pop-house-trance that you can ride on forever.

MPP is a magic carpet ride of glorious proportions. Dense and thick and filled with fantastic musical colors AC have made the first great album of 2009, and one for the ages.

Brother Sport – Animal Collective
(live NPR show)
Song link via GvsB

Come listen to the new Animal Collective album during a MPP listening party Tuesday Jan 6th from 5-7 PM at World Cafe Live sponsored by WXPN and Repo Records


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