Jazz Legend Freddie Hubbard RIP

30 Dec
Weird. Just the other day I listened to a couple of jazz albums on which trumpter Freddie Hubbard played on. From Eric Dolphy’s classic Out To Lunch to Ornette’s Free Jazz, Hubbard was one of the great jazz sidemen, not to mention his own incredible work both on Blue Note Records and his classic CTI Recordings. So it’s music’s great loss that Hubbard died today at the age of 70 leaving behind an amazing body of work.

My first taste of Hubbard was on his classic Red Clay album, one of his first for CTI Records, an album that foresaw the jazz-rock fusion movement of the 70’s. And what a band that played on that record! You got Hub, Herbie Hancock on piano, Jon Henderson on sax, Lenny White on drums and Ron Carter on bass. The other Hubbard album I’ve listened to over and over has been Ready For Freddie – representing the Blue Note years with another ridiculous band including Elvin Jones on drums, Wayne Shorter on sax & McCoy Tyner on piano. Seek both of these records out if you’re just starting out.

Check out this video of Hubbard playing “Moanin'” with Art Blakey (drums)from 1962.


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