Don Cash Registers

29 Dec
Who the heck is Don Cash and why do you need to know about him? For starters, Cash is from Toronto. He’s an artist, MC and producer who released his debut album a couple years back on Relish Records and started out dropping his own music in 2001 on his own Stereoeagle label. In January 2009 he drops his third release, Freshy Fresh. Which it is.

Cash has as much in common with the electto-funk soundz of Soul Sonic Force and Newcleus as he does with Public Image LTD and the punky funk of The Clash and Santogold. He’s definitely spent some time listening to Prince and Stevie Wonder. He’s got a distinct flow and some insidious new wave influences. He’s got beats that rock. Honestly, this is some serious shit. Makes me feel as giddy as I felt when I first laid ears on LCD. Know what I’m sayin?

You can download a couple of Cash tunes from RCRD LBL. Or if you really want to know what time it is, you can go right here and download the album in its entirety before its proper release in January. Cash can rock a mean cowbell also. So take my advice and get the party started right.

Don Cash on Relish Records
Freshy Fresh – Don Cash


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