The Donald Fagen Mixtape

4 Dec
Being a fan of Steely Dan, I did a double take when I was speeding through my RSS reader and came across something called the “Donald Fagen Mixtape.” Intrigued, I followed the clues which led me to the San Diego band The Endless Bummer, a three piece featuring David Barclay, Kipling Mitchell and Natalie Snoyman. The band create these quirky little pop songs “combining elements of 50s doo-wop, lo-fi wheezy organs, percussive skiffle, and vocal harmonies with bubblegum lyrics thrown together with fragments of pop-cultural reference, first person narratives and tales of lost love.” Think early They Might Be Giants with elements of this quirky little masterpiece from The Beach Boys. Cute & cozy, but as far as I can tell, nothing to do with Donald.

As for the “Donald Fagen Mixtape” you can find it on WeePop! Records, an indiepop label based in London.

Rio Grande – The Endless Bummer

You can check out more music from The Endless Bummer here


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