The Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir

25 Nov
You dig Howlin’ Wolf? Tom Waits? Avetts? Son House? Little Richard? A little Capt. Beefheart? Some Dr. John gris-gris with a little holy rock and roll spirituality? Then grab your gutbuckets or pots and pans or trombones or banjos and get ready to clap for the Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir. The Calgary based band formed in 2001 and currently includes Peter Balkwill on drums; Bob Keelaghan on guitars & vocals, Judd Palmer who plays banjo, low slide guitar, and sings a bit and Vladimir Sobolewski plays bass.

Here’s what they have to say about themselves: “We play music based on pre-WWII blues and mountain music though we’ve got our own weird, displaced take on it.” There. Now listen to this crazy backwoods applachian boogie rock and prepare for some serious toe-tapping. Here’s a tune from their new, recent album Ten Thousand.

Go Back Home – Agnostic Mounatin Gospel Choir

AMGC’s myspace


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