The Ruckus About Frontier Ruckus

14 Nov
Frontier Ruckus play Stephen Foster-esque indiehillbillypastoralfolk and they’re from freaking Michigan. Their new album, The Orion Songbook is out on Quite Scientific and it is, quite good. They got the banjos and accordions and ambient mic’d drums and they can rock a mean saw. Like Steinbeck, they paint dusty images of the heartland and the people who inhabit the frontier (hence the name?) and they eloquently capture the hopelessness and optimism and spirit of the lives we’re held captive by.

Orion Town 2 – Frontier Ruckus

And as if they’re album isn’t cool enough check out some of their demos including:

Winter And The Preacher’s Daughter – Frontier Ruckus
Bethlehem – Frontier Ruckus
June Is Our Mother’s Name – Frontier Ruckus

FR’s really cool website


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