I’ve Got PDD – Phillies Distraction Disorder

27 Oct
Considering that I was not a “serious” baseball fan until the Phils beat the Milwaukee Brewers, then shipped that overpaid Ramirez and his Dodgers off to get some beers I have a bad bad case of PDD – Phillies Distraction Disorder. Never mind that I have averaged about 4 & 1/2 hours a sleep on the nights of their games; never mind the fact that I was at the game last night as the Phils won 10-2 and crushed Eva and his Tampa Ray Girls; with all that the Phils have one more game to win, which could be tonight – which should be tonight – to win the World Series. And if they do win tonight, here in Philly this city is going to go crazy.
I’m about three quarters of the way there.


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