Go Phillies Go! We’ve Got Phillies Fever 2008!

20 Oct
Now that we know it’s The Phils vs Tampa Bay, we’re off to the series. This tasty tune arrived on my blogsteps and given that my fellow Phillies citizens and I sure have a huge dose of Phillies Fever I had to share it with you.
Back in 1976 the Phillies recorded a record a single called “Phillies Fever.” It was sung by Larry Bowa, Mike Schmidt, David Cash, Greg Luzinski and Garry Maddox. Capturing the disco craze of the moment, the song swung like an old school Sound Of Philly jam with conversation between the players and introductions by Dan Baker.

Pretty classic, eh? Go Phils!

Phillies Fever ’76

PS – And if there’s anyone out there who knows where this was recorded, who the musicians were and who wrote it, please let me know.

P.S.S. – And to push the baseball analogy a little further here’s one of the classic love & baseball songs from one of the great Philly R&B bands, The Intruders.

(Love Is Like) A Baseball Game – The Intruders


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