How About A Nice Hawaiian Punch

3 Oct
Okay, so how crazy did our fair city of Brotherly Love go tonight when Shane Victorino grand slammed it in the second inning of tonight’s game vs the Brewers which led to the Phils taking a 2-0 lead in the series? Pretty darn crazy.

I don’t want to get too excited about the Phils; they’re playing well, however it’s only the second game. It’s the Phillies that are playing, not me and it’s easy for me to look from the outside as a fair weather fan. However, I’m involved in a little wager on this game and while I’d be excited if the Phils won the series, it would make it even sweeter if I won the bet that I am involved in.

So here’s the bet – the radio station I work at in Philly WXPN has a bet going with Radio Milwaukee that the Phils will win this series. Radio Milwaukee’s Scott Mullins entered into the bet with afternoon drive DJ Jim McGuinn at XPN. If the Brewers win, we buy Philly Cheese steaks for them. If the Phillies win we get to sample some of Usinger’s finest brats. But the really big prize for the winner? Getting to program an hour of music for the losing station. If the Brewers win Radio Milwaukee gets to program an hour of tunes on WXPN during our drive time and vice versa. During Scott and Jim’s bet on the airwaves of our stations, McGuinn rocked a little Dr. Dog and Scott played a song from Milwaukee’s Kings Go Forth.

Click here to listen to Scott and Jim’s wager.

And hey, we know how awesome Dr. Dog are – but check out this song from Kings Go Forth

You’re The One – Kings Go Forth

And with that, I say Phils in 4.


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